Joy’s Rocking Chair

Joy uses her rocking chair to symbolise her concept of ‘ageing playfully’. Reflecting on her childhood, Joy remembers thinking old age was something you reached as early as 40, stuck in a rocking chair knitting and crocheting!

When discussing this idea with local all male group ‘Brews not Booze‘, she realised that this may have been the case for the adults during her childhood due to the physically demanding employment they may have endured. Jobs such as mining or factory work meant that adults were more likely to have retired at a younger age. Inspired by this, Joy came up with “pimp my rocker”, a kickback at traditional ideas of ageing, and symbolising growing old outside of a rocking chair. She encouraged people to decorate, damage or doodle the chair to represent ‘ageing playfully’. Similarly, the rocking chair optimises everything you don’t do in a park or green space, therefore supporting older generations to rethink their relationship with their nearby outdoor spaces.