Nutsford Vale Makes Some Noise Poster

Make Some Noise

On Sunday 12th March 2017, the Friends of Nutsford Vale organised ‘Make Some Noise’, a community event on Nutsford Vale. ‘…Be there 1.30pm for a 2pm cacophony! Bring noisy things like instruments, bells, whistles, pots, pans and children. We say the council aren’t listening…. let’s make sure they hear!’ Invitation to “Make Some Noise” The […]

Teasels at Nutsford Bale


Given the local and historical connection to the textile industry, Friends of Nutsford Vale use the teasel in their visual identity and as an emblem for the campaign to ‘Save the Vale’ (2017). When it flowers, in its stunning glory, the teasel can be found in Wildflower Meadow. The teasel evokes historic and symbolic meaning. […]

Bug Box making workshop at Nutsford Vale - Spring 2013

Bug Box Workshop

In the spring of 2013, with the help and experience of Alan Scully, Friends of Nutsford Vale hosted a bug hotel making workshop. All ages enjoyed designing and constructing cosy places for the bugs of the Vale to hide. With funding from another project called Grey to Green, sponsored by the Lottery Fund, in March […]

Joy France enjoys a cuppa

Joy France

Joy France is a poet, spoken word artist, all round creative influence and co-researcher on the Who Cares? project. She is currently using her creative practice to reflect upon the social value of Langworthy and Clarendon Parks in Salford. Follow Joy on Twitter:

Nutsford Vale

Friends of Nutsford Vale

The Friends of Nutsford Vale are a community group who campaign to protect their local green space. Nutsford Vale is a naturally growing council park that sits on the borders of Longsight, Levenshulme and Gorton in Manchester. Before it was capped over and re-planted as a park, Nutsford Vale was used as a landfill site […]